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This tool allows you to quickly assemble a recipe that is within the established guidelines for your preferred style of beer. After selecting what kind of beer you want to make, you rapidly go through the menus choosing the ingredients that suit your taste. Once you click the last button you immediately have an excellent ready to start recipe. Many use the Generator to get them in the ballpark of a selected style, then they make detailed adjustments with the Recipe Calculator which can be accessed using the "Jump To" icons in the upper left corner of the Generator results page.
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The Recipe Calculator is the flagship of the tools here at BeerTools. The Calculator is designed to assist brewers in the recipe creation process by calculating what you can expect to get from your ingredients. Choose from a multitude of additional ingredients to aid in the perfection of your brew. Then you can print the recipe and head out to your local brew shop to collect the supplies. The Recipe Calculator is the tool from which recipes can be added to our expanding recipe library.
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This does exactly what the name says. Once you have readings from the final product, you plug them into Final Beer Analysis. Here you can discover what your brew house efficiency is and how well your yeast attenuates.
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