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The GOLD membership offered here at provides users powerful tools that optimize the creation of beer recipes.

Using these features (feature list below) you will be creating recipes rapidly because you can use just about any recipe here at as a starting point. Simply view the recipe you are interested in and click the special link on that recipe page (only available to GOLD membership users) to load that recipe in the Recipe Calculator.

Recipe Calculator Control Panel for Gold Members
You can also get a quick view pop-up window to view your beer’s characteristics while you’re still working in the Recipe Calculator form. That way you don’t have to actually hit the calculate button each time you want to see how close you are getting to your chosen style.

If you create a recipe that you think is a winner, you can save it in your own recipe folder. Next time you come to visit, your saved recipes will still be here and you can load them into the Recipe Calculator instantly.

Across the board you receive the capacity for more ingredients. The Recipe Generator, Recipe Calculator and Finished Analysis all allow the use of 12 grains, 4 extracts, 6 adjuncts, 7 boiled hops, and 5 dry hops; go ahead load it up, it can handle it!

There are more features such as a Recipe Calculator zeroing function, scaling function and more. It doesn't stop there though; the GOLD membership is our top priority for development. Any new features created here at will be made available for GOLD members first, and usually these new features will not be scheduled for availability to BASIC members.

You can enjoy all of these benefits for only $16.95 a year! That’s only $1.41 each month.

Besides a account, below are few requirements necessary to fully utilize the membership:

  • FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera (or another browser that supports JavaScript)
  • JavaScript or JScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled

Take a tour of our GOLD membership Recipe Calculator!

Features Basic Membership Gold Membership
Access To Recipe Database Yes Yes
Access To Recent Recipes Yes Yes
Integrated Online Help Yes Yes
Personal Saved Recipes 1 250
Number of Possible Grains 5 12
Number of Possible Extracts 2 4
Number of Possible Adjuncts 3 6
Number of Possible Boiled Hops 3 7
Number of Possible Dry Hops 0 5
Number of Possible Special Ingredients 2 5
Automatic Style Comparison Yes Yes
Automatic Category Selection Yes Yes
Dry Hopping Capability No Yes
Calculator Scaling Feature No Yes
Calculator Set to Zero Feature No Yes
Calculator Instant Style Comparison No Yes
Calculator Reload Recipe Feature No Yes
Calculator Instant Style
Description Window
No Yes
Instant Results
Re-Calculate Feature
No Yes
Recipe Zapomatic
Instant Recipe Correction Feature
No Yes
Recipe Results Visual
Data Display Graphics
No Yes
Custom Hop Utilization
Formula Selection
No Yes
Capability to Load Saved Recipes
In Final Analysis Tool
No Yes
Capability to Load Any
Library Entry
No Yes
Capability to Search
Database by Author
No Yes
Advanced Error Checking No Yes
Pricing Free $16.95 per year